Tears of a Torture Survivor

A Tear Falls and no one hears

A Tear Falls and no one sees
A Tear Falls and no one moves
A Tear Falls . . . I am alone.

Sometimes the Mountains are too high

Sometimes the foothills are hard
Sometimes I can’t manage the climb,
A Tear Falls . . . I am so tired.

The nightmares of torture persist

Torture intrudes into almost every thought
My mind is thinking more than too much
A Tear Falls . . . I am afraid.

But in this NCTTP center, there are no guns, No bars, No threats, No intimidation

In this Center, seeds can grow
I see a smile, I hear a gentle voice
In this center, there is hope.

Survivors deserve a chance to dream

A Survivor’s Dream is to Survive.

A Chance to Dream

A Chance to Grow
A Chance for Dignity
A Chance for Health.

In NCTTP Centers, Survivors of Torture obtain Hope.

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