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Welcome to the St. Alphonsus Program for Survivors of Torture

The Saint Alphonsus Center for Global Health & Healing (CGHH) is an Idaho-based health and human services agency which is imbedded within a major health system. In 2008, CGHH emerged locally as a specialized provider of primary and maternal/child health care to new Americans who have migrated to our community as asylum seekers or through refugee resettlement. Our focus has been to create equitable access to healthcare that is culturally responsive, linguistically appropriate and trauma informed. At CGHH, we believe that human relationships and interactions are at the heart of healing and that every encounter has the potential to become a healing encounter. We believe that healing encounters are those which restore dignity, offer choice, and rebuilt trust. We also believe that each individual and family who we have the privilege to partner with teaches us and offers us countless gifts in our own personal journeys of awareness and healing.

In 2015, CGHH expanded further with the introduction of the Program for Survivors of Torture (PSOT). At PSOT, we recognize the complex consequences of unimaginable acts of politically-sponsored physical and psychological torture. For these survivors and their families, PSOT offers interdisciplinary, wrap-around services, free of charge. These services include service coordination, mental health counseling, primary health care, maternal and infant health care, legal assistance with US Naturalization, and integrative services such as massage, yoga, and art therapy. PSOT also provides local training for clinicians, individuals and agencies working with similar populations to improve their understanding of the experiences of torture and its psychological impact on the person, so that treatment and services can be optimized.

At CGHH and PSOT, we have been influenced and encouraged by many other leaders in the fields of refugee resettlement and the treatment of survivors of trauma and torture. Many of these leaders are members of NCTTP, which we consider it an immense honor to be a part of these collaborative partnerships to further advancements in treatment, research, and advocacy.

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