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The NCTTP's Executive Committee is elected by the membership and serves a two year term. The current Executive Committee's term runs through February 2019.

Outgoing NCTTP Executive Committee plans for recent annual meeting in Washington, DC, March 2, 2015. (Bottom row: Lin Piwowarczyk, Kathi Anderson. Top row: Cris Riley, Ann Marie Winter, Pete Dross, Mary Lynn Everson, Kristin Bulin.)

NCTTP Annual Meeting (2012)

Incoming NCTTP Executive Committee (2009)

Past presidents of NCTTP (2005-2011). Outgoing president Mary Fabri hands the gavel to Abdallah Boumediene in 2009.

Lin Piwowarczyk


Director, Boston Center for Refugee Health & Human Rights, Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, MA.
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Cris Riley

Vice President
Research & Data Committee Chair

Clinician–Researcher, Coordinator of Research & Development, Torture Treatment Center of Oregon, Intercultural Psychiatric Program, OHSU, Portland, OR. Full Biography

Mary Lynn Everson


Senior Director, Marjorie Kovler Center, Heartland Alliance International, Chicago, IL.
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Pete Dross


Director of Policy and Development, Center for Victims of Torture, Minneapolis, MN.
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Ceila VanDeGraaf

Membership Committee Chair

Executive Director, Center for Survivors of Torture, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio Texas.
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Matthew Kennis

Policy Chair

Program Director with the Libertas Center
for Human Rights in New York City.
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Ann Marie Winter

At-Large Member

Program Developer–Manager, Florida Center for Survivors of Torture, Tampa Bay & Miami, FL.
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At-Large Member

Kathi Anderson

IRCT Representative

Executive Director, Survivors of Torture International, San Diego, CA.
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