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A Man with a Heart for Torture Survivors and a Dream for Research
to Help Them

Join us in 2019 for NCTTP’s 11th Annual Research Symposium

Recent Symposium programs

Jose Quiroga is one of those people, that if you are lucky enough to meet him, you will never forget him. Enthusiasm exudes from Dr. Quiroga with every breath for he is always thinking and planning and encouraging others to think and plan also... for ways to help Torture Survivors. “This is so important”, he often said to staff at the Program for Torture Victims in Los Angeles. “We have to do this,” is heard often by other NCTTP members on conference calls and at meetings. “This will make a difference,” he suggests to NCTTP Research & Data Committee members.

“We have to keep at it,” Dr. Quiroga said ten years ago when he headed a committee with then NCTTP president Abdallah Boumediene, to launch the 1st Annual NCTTP Research Symposium. The 1st NCTTP Research Symposium was held during a morning in February, 2009 in a church and was attended only by NCTTP members. Six NCTTP members spoke.

Jose Quiroga, M.D., Symposium Organizer & Lin Piwowarczyk, M.D., MPH, NCTTP President

Symposium Organizer Jose Quiroga, M.D. & NCTTP President Lin
Piwowarczyk, M.D., MPH at the NCTTP Symposium in 2013

The Symposium was held in high esteem by NCTTP members and for two more years it continued as a half day session, mostly for members. The Symposium grew to an open-to-the-public, full day affair in 2012. Held at Georgetown University with two keynote speakers and six NCTTP speakers, it was attended by over 150 guests and NCTTP members. Finding a home base at George Washington University in 2013, the 5th Annual NCTTP Research Symposium showcased three keynote speakers, along with nine presentations by NCTTP members.

This year, the NCTTP Research Symposium is a staple and highlight of NCTTP’s activities. This Symposium has also become for the NCTTP a hallmark and symbol of what we can do working together as a consortium and with our partners in the wider community.

Dr. Jose Quiroga is NCTTP’s staple, always ready cheerleader, leading and encouraging the rest of us to keep going: “Don’t stop this important work: We-Can-Do It!”

Programs From Past NCTTP Research Symposiums

Held in Washington, DC, each year in late winter, the NCTTP Annual Research Symposium features national experts in torture treatment, along with expert clinicians and researchers from NCTTP centers across the U.S., who share their work and ‘hands on’ experience.

You can use the links below to view the programs from the 2012 through 2016 symposiums:

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